Ethan and Crystal Paz

Ethan and his wife Crystal, along with their three kids, joined Victory in 2020. They have a passion for showing teenagers the truth of the Gospel— whether the task may be leading a youth group or providing hospitality to them. When they are not ministering to the teenagers or adults at their local church, Crystal works at Bellin as a licensed pharmacy technician, and Ethan teaches students how fun history can be.

​Crystal grew up as a pastor’s kid. She was saved at the age of 16 when she realized that she needed to have a personal relationship with God. Her desire since then has been to serve him in whatever role God would have her.
Ethan also grew up as a pastor’s kid. He accepted Jesus Christ as Lord of his life at a young age. When he was at the age of sixteen, Ethan had assurance of salvation and a determination to go or do whatever God would require. Ever since that day, Ethan has sought to dedicate his life to God and to show others the truth of the Gospel.

​Whether they are at home or afar, Crystal and Ethan enjoy getting to know others and using their hobbies to spend time with others. Crystal enjoys spending time with friends and reading a good book accompanied by a cozy blanket and a nice cup of coffee. Ethan’s hobbies also include playing board and digital games, reading, running, and writing. Together they hope to use these hobbies for the expansion of God’s kingdom.

“As a Christian educator, my goal is to show my students how Jesus Christ holds all the liberal arts “together.” To accomplish this objective, my students will construct meaningful experiences through the assistance of needed support and the guidance of a rigorous curriculum.”

Ethan's Credentials:

  • BA in History, Northland International University
  • Masters in Education, Maranatha Baptist University

Other Team Members: