Victory Academy for Boys

Dan and Brenda Raught

Dan and Brenda

Dan and Brenda Raught joined Victory in 2010, however Dan has been involved in Christian education for over 25 years. After receiving a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration, he began teaching in a Christian high school. He has taught on the middle school and high school levels and has also been an Administrator for the past five years.

​Though Dan places necessary importance on the facts and processes that must be learned in the classroom, he recognizes all knowledge to be useless unless viewed within the contextual framework found in the Source of all truth, God Himself. Students are taught a worldview built upon God’s Word, the Bible. Dan enjoys studying Civil War History, playing sports (esp. basketball, ping pong, and golf), and hunting.

Brenda McGeoch Raught has been involved in Christian education her whole life. The daughter of teachers, she delights in challenging students to adopt her mantra that “Learning IS fun! …most of the time”. Teaching students to strive for excellence, her desire is to see each young person reach his full potential. She’s taught various levels and subjects throughout her career and is the mother of four children. She’s trained as both an LD (Learning Disabilities) therapist and as an autism therapist. Brenda enjoys reading, music and drama and time with her family. Dan and Brenda have three older children and their teenage son, Nathan.


Dan’s Credentials:

  • BS Broadcast Engineering
  • MS Educational Administration, Bob Jones University
  • CPI certified (Crisis Prevention Institute)

Other Team Members: