Dad and Son By God's grace, we desire to see your lives changed, relationships restored, and parental influence re-established

Victory Academy for Boys is a Rescue Ministry.
We work with parents and teen boys who have reached the end of themselves and believe they have nowhere else to turn.

Our 9 month program has these goals:


Your boy comes to a place where he accepts God’s truth.


Your boy comes to a place where he reengages with his church community and parents for guidance.


Dad and mom, alongside their church community, return to a place of Godly influence in their boy’s life.

What some of our families have to say about Victory

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Victory Academy is like no other counseling program we’ve ever encountered. Our son needed whole-Bible counsel, and it was life-changing for him. The staff provided a loving, grace-filled environment while leaning heavily on scripture to bring sinful attitudes and behaviors into the light, getting to the root of rebellion, anger, and addictive behaviors. In addition, we as parents benefited from the counseling we also received, which helped open our eyes to faulty parenting philosophies. As a result, we were able to shape a healthier environment our son could come home to and thrive in. And the best part is that he received Christ as his Savior! The Victory staff are like family to us, and I am forever grateful for their wisdom and investment in our lives.

I give this place 10 Stars! The help that they provide youth cannot be measured with any metric! If you want to know what Christ's love is, if you want to feel the tender touch of God, if you want to experience the peace and comfort of Christian men and women who exemplify the love of the Lord Jesus Christ, check out Victory.

God has perfect timing, never early, never late. It takes a little patience and a whole lot of FAITH but it’s worth the wait.” This quote is applicable to how my husband and I felt when seeing the change the Lord had made in our son through the people at Victory Academy for Boys. He spent his 8th grade school year surrounded by the most caring group of couples at Victory, immersed in God’s word daily, while learning how to cope with the challenges and temptations that come with daily life as a teenage boy. I believe my son said it best, “I hate to think where I would be today if I hadn’t gone to Victory.” He added, “the rules are strict, but you know that everyone there really cares about you.” He graduated from high school while earning his certificate in CNC machining. He is working full time in his field, while continuing his technical college education. What a difference that year at Victory made!

We know the distance from home, the cost, and the unknown are all relevant considerations. But for us, it was worth all of the sacrifice each time we sent one of our sons. We are repeat customers three times over, and you don’t keep sending your son to a place that doesn’t produce noticeable change. We recommend Victory Academy for Boys.


Kim Waid


Although my adopted teenage son had been treated by secular counselors and I made multiple attempts at intervention, his attitude and behavior continued to decline for seven years. After a failed attempt at another program, God led us to Victory Academy. The staff didn't give up on him, and through their wrap-around support, leadership and Biblical counseling, he made more positive changes in 7 months than in the previous 7 years. My son developed a deep trust and respect for the staff; these relationships made him open to the counsel and mentorship from godly men and women. The staff encouraged him to grow in his relationship with Christ; teaching him that life long changes can happen with God's help.

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Additional information and encouragement:

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