Victory Academy for Boys

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Where we live

Victory is safely nestled on 120 beautiful acres in the north woods of Wisconsin. Not only is it rustic and inviting, but it’s also a safe haven from the spiritual attacks your son is experiencing from today’s culture, his hurtful relationships, and accessible sin. Our location also gives us great opportunities to teach your son about God’s creation, hard work, and Christ-honoring fun. On campus we have a two workshops, a fire-side conference room, two boys’ homes with over 11,000 square feet of combined living space, and three staff homes. There’s also plenty to keep your son busy.

The Victory team is ready to come alongside you.

How we work

Our program is unique in that we function less like an institution and everything like a family. Your son will join our house family and become a working part of that group. Along with morning devotions, meal preparation, clean-up, game time, homework, and laundry, your son will learn how to thrive within a Christ-honoring home. It’s within that context that the Residence Counselors (House Dads) will disciple your son, providing consistent, godly Truth and modeling it in love so your son will have the resources to change.

Four unique facets of Victory Academy for Boys

Our goal is to help boys grow in their understanding of themselves and lead them to a stronger relationship with Jesus Christ through the teaching and application of Scripture.

At Victory Academy, the boys do not live in a typical dormitory setting. Our “House Parents” provide run the home as much as a normal, Christ-honoring family as possible.

We strive for excellence in our academics with experienced teachers, traditional and computer-based instruction, immersive interaction, and a thoroughly biblical worldview.

The outdoors are an important classroom for our boys, and we take full advantage of God’s creation for recreational enjoyment, personal growth and ministry.

More of what life is like at Victory Academy

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Is Victory right for my son?

How do you know when the time is right to look outside of your home for help with your son? This page may help guide your thinking as you consider this big step.

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In our academics, we introduce our students to the agricultural and business sides of homesteading concepts such as beekeeping, producing maple syrup, and keeping an orchard. This program provides transferable skills that will aid them in the future and offers us unique opportunities to build relationships and teach the gospel. Support our student enrichment program by ordering some Sasquatch Sweets products for your home!