Victory Academy for Boys

Is Victory Academy right for us?

We hope so. Let's find out together.

Victory Academy is about coming alongside of you to battle for your son.

Most Christian parents long for and envision their child becoming a God-honoring adult. Right now you are in the messy, hard work that God has designed to urge on the growth that both you and your son need. One might even call this a battle, but it is really one part of the Grand War for your soul and the soul of your son.

Many parents have lost sight of that Grand War and are in the daily battle of relational carnage with their child as he struggles in bondage to selfish, life-dominating sin. Family life resembles surviving. Thriving seems like a distant dream.

The battle is pungent, continual, disheartening. We could list all the negative, unhealthy behaviors that are a part of the hurt and pain of the battle. However, the hope and healing that God graciously offers is deep, real, and refreshing.

Family life resembles surviving. Thriving seems like a distant dream.

Enrolling at Victory academy is about gathering a group of dedicated biblical counselors and mentors to join you in the battle for the precious soul of your son. A beginning step in that journey is to evaluate Victory’s fit for your son’s needs. While it would be very difficult to put objective numbers on an evaluation, you should be able to develop a picture of his heart for change. That is going to be important to identify, because Victory is a place for change.

Change is worth it.

Good parents enter the battle because they see that the souls of their children are at stake. Through tearful prayers they enter the battle alongside their children against the sin that has become the bondage that bears the fruit of anger, resentment, laziness, sexual perversion, disrespect and disobedience. To see your son change from the struggling boy-becoming-man, to the healthy, caring, productive young man that God designed him to be is worth whatever battle, resource, or time it takes.

How do you know when the time is right to look outside of your home for help with your son? This page may help guide your thinking as you consider this big step.

Does your son desire change?

That might be hard to answer. It may require some digging to get down to reality. Your son may present as an arrogant, defiant, loud rebel. But he may want change. He may be quiet, passive, and sneaky. But he may want change. He may live like he really doesn’t like you or want to be a part of your family, or believe the things your hold as core and dear to who you are. But he may want change. He may put on like he is happy in his life of defiance and manipulated independence, but that may be covering up a heart that is hurting and hopeless.

For us, it isn’t so much about the sinful desires and habits as it is his desire for change. While our program isn’t for every kid that is struggling, it is for kids with all kinds of struggle. However, Victory Academy isn’t for the kid that doesn’t want change. That doesn’t mean that a kid that says he doesn’t want to change is not a fit.

What does desire for change look like?

  • The desire for change can be found in the quiet moments.  When thinking is clear, does he talk of unhappiness with the way life is going?
  • Does he acknowledge God at times?  Is he willing to go to church with you?  Does he participate in the relational part of church life?  Does he reflect positively when talking of spiritual teaching?
  • In his struggle, is he frustrated with the simple responsibilities given to him?  Does he lament that his irresponsibility hinders the relationships around him?
  • Is he unmotivated in school, yet he seems to understand that he needs to get through it?
  • Are there times that he does accept instruction or correction from anyone, particularly regarding personal issues that are spiritual or being (who he is).
  • Does he ever state that he wants to change, but doesn’t know how to change?

Does my son want to go to Victory?

Most guys won’t want to come to a program like ours, but we want each guy to agree to come and participate. If your son doesn’t seem too agreeable, help him understand that the decision isn’t between doing our program or staying home with status quo. The decision is between a program like ours or a program that is willing to take him by force and push him through a program that is centered around a philosophy that says, “if you make it hard enough, they will submit and learn.”

Our program is pretty unique. It isn’t a wilderness or military program.  We live in nice housing with great food and lots of activities. We are a boarding school that has great outdoor activities, people that are caring, and a consistent, grace-based challenge to think deeply about the important things of life. We have a lot of fun and talk about life and the God that created us to enjoy Him and all that He has given. The hard part is leaving the comfort of what you know and coming to meet new people and getting into a new routine of personal spiritual challenge.

Does this sound like you?

In your family life, if these arenas are out of control in one way or another, we’d suggest that you give the Victory Academy team of biblical counselors a phone call for a free consultation.  We have been working with struggling teens and their parents since 1983 and it is our passion to help families apply the hope of the Gospel of Christ to their daily life struggles.

Hear about the Victory difference from one of our parents.

Additional Encouragement: Listening to Learn

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Additional encouragement

Watch this video discussion with Mark and Ben, as they discuss the truths of the Bible from Ephesians 4:15, and how it applies to engaging the young men that come to Victory Academy for healing.

We are passionate about God’s rebuilding work in broken people and are committed to bringing the hope of Christ to teens and parents. This article may give you some hope and encouragement.