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Training with Truth | Mentoring in Love | Equipping for Change

Victory Academy for Boys is the home of a group of God-loving, discipleship-professionals dedicated to strengthening families in crisis with the truths of Scripture. Rest assured that we can help your family because we’ll provide you and your son invaluable training grounded firmly in God’s Truth. We will also model that Truth in Love so as to lead him by example. With these parameters in place (truth in love), we will equip your son with the ability to Change his thinking in a Christ-honoring way. In addition, our academy faculty will help get your son back on track academically through our dynamic, interactive educational program.

We see change as something that is deep, related to who we are, not just what we do, so our program focuses on each person’s heart, desires, and motivations. Our goal is change, heart-level change, lasting change.

Our mission is to strengthen families in crisis with the truths of Scripture. We believe that His Word is sufficient for our needs, so our counselors are equipped to handle the Bible carefully to help your family through this tough time. We will also model these scriptural truths in our personal lives, so as to lead your son by example while he lives with us. Not every struggling young man will be a good fit for our family-based counseling structure, so we encourage you to read “Is Victory right for my son?”

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Partnering with families and churches throughout the Midwest and more than 25 states for decades

Meet Our Dedicated Team

Mark Massey

Executive Director

Lynne Massey

Admissions Coordinator

Dan Raught

Academy Administrator

Andy Morrison

House Parent

Gina Morrison

House Parent

Ben Barrick

Teacher, Office Administrator

Ethan Paz


Richie Gelfand

Ministry Apprentice (RA)

Is Victory right for my son?

How do you know when the time is right to look outside of your home for help with your son? This page may help guide your thinking as you consider this big step.

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Additional Encouragement: "Satisfaction - Providing an Example"

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