Home Life

Living at Victory Nurtures Change

At Victory Academy, we believe that building a relationship with your son is fundamental in helping him change. To help build that relationship — and because we just like having fun — we provide numerous opportunities for enjoying life. Living life God’s way is fun, and we want to teach your son how to find pleasure in life that pleases the Lord.

Residence Structure

The boys do not live in a typical dormitory setting.  Our “House Parents” not only provide experienced authority within the home, they run the home as much as a normal, Christ-honoring family as possible. Since the desire is for the boys to eventually return home to a family that functions the way God requires, we believe it best for the boys to learn (and have opportunities to practice) how God would have them participate in the family while they’re away from home.

Work Opportunities

God loves work. He created it, does it Himself, and sets the parameters for our work. At Victory, we teach our students the meaning and value of good hard work. Our students complete household chores and learn to apply themselves at school. They learn to cook meals as they build relationships with the other guys and the house staff in the kitchen. On Saturdays, we stack wood for the burners, clean the campus, and tend to the many needs around our property. Since we all enjoy the benefits of our property, programs, and equipment, we teach our guys to be good stewards of the possessions God has given them. We work to enjoy what we have. We also believe our work should profit others! This is why we adopted the highway near our property and spend some of our work days ministering to the elderly and disabled in our community.

Recreational Opportunities

We are blessed with an amazing facility and many opportunities for outdoor recreation and education. Through these tools, we invest time into our students. It is often through the platform of these activities that we are able to speak valuable truth into a student who is willing to listen.

  • Game room and workout equipment — pool, Ping-Pong, foosball, darts, and air hockey
  • Gymnasium for team sports like basketball, indoor soccer, volleyball, and indoor hockey
  • Paintball and airsoft courses and equipment
  • Recreational hiking/mountain bike/ATV trails and campsites on our 120 acres
  • Shooting range for firearm/archery safety and marksmanship training
  • Canoes
  • Obstacle course
  • And more

Every week we have Friday Activities designed to reward the guys who level-up. These activities can include ninja nights, cooking challenges, the zoo, movie nights, progressive dinners, a visit to the YMCA, bowling, and football games. We also have Super Activities like skiing, fishing, and trips out of town!