Day 5: Psalm 119:9

How can a young man keep his way pure? By guarding it according to your word.

Psalm 119:9

Take some encouragement from the fact that this question was asked several thousand years ago. There really is nothing of significance that is truly new. It has always been a struggle for a young man to live a pure, clean life. The solution lies in the young man’s need to check and crosscheck his thinking with what God has said in His Word. As a teen grows up and matures in his thinking, it is important for parents to intensify their involvement and interaction, so that there is ample opportunity to engage his thinking and challenge (in a positive way) his conclusions and applications of God’s truth to his behavior (life). The Bible is a crucial part of raising godly children. Family devotions, personal time with God, and attendance at a church with preaching and teaching that the teen respects, engages with, and responds to is imperative. Accomplishing this may mean major changes in routine, church, etc.

Day 5 Reflection:

Think about when you were your son’s age. What was the culture like then? How did you respond to temptation? What part did the Word, church, and family play in that?

Talk with your son about it and be honest with him about your own life, your failings and successes. Ask him to be honest with you as well. This can build trust and be a powerful connection with your son.

BOLD STEP! At what age did you surrender your purity? Are you willing to share with your son?