Day 11: Romans 13:4

…for he (the authority in our life) is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword in vain. For he is the servant of God, an avenger who carries out God’s wrath on the wrongdoer.

Romans 13:4

One of the hardest things we do as parents is allow pain in our child’s life. Sometimes hiding the pain can be the worst thing we can do, as it shortcuts what God has ordained. Most of the time we don’t even think of the civil authorities as one of God’s ways of correcting our children. Embrace the rules and penalties of the civil justice system. There are many great people, some of whom are Christians, who have dedicated their lives to helping teens through some of their stupid choices. Do pray for wisdom and for God to connect you with those who would be favorable and helpful from your Christian perspective. If you fear what the “system” might do, remember that they are all under God’s sovereign hand. It may be that your son or daughter needs to have the heavy hand of the law snatch them away from a dangerous trajectory of life.

Day 11 Reflection:

If you are at the place where civil authorities are involved in your teen’s life, do you help your son or daughter see how to honor God through the process? Have you prayed for the right people to do the right thing in applying the laws to your teen?