You are looking for help. We're glad God lead you here.

You may be a desperate parent or guardian. You may be experiencing some difficult things and a lot of relational mess and chaos in your lives right now. Maybe you are not to that point yet, but are seeking information now to help prevent a crisis in your family. Whatever may be your situation at home, we want you to know that there is hope. There is hope beyond behavioral change. Even more importantly, God yearns for a change in the desires in your son’s heart which fuels his behaviors. At Victory At Victory Academy for Boys, we can connect you with resources and tools, local support, Biblical counseling and even enrollment in our academy if that is right for you. Ultimately, we want to help you in any way we can so that your son’s heart might be reached for God’s glory.

A message of hope from Executive Director, Mark Massey

Is Victory right for your son?

Maybe. Let’s find out together. A beginning step in that journey is to develop a picture of his heart for change. That is going to be important to identify, because Victory is a place for change. Start by exploring the information on our website, specifically the questions on the page “Is Victory Right for My Son.

If and when you feel ready to take the next step, click the link below to talk with us and learn more.

Podcast: Should You Consider Sending Your Son to Victory Academy for Boys this Fall?

Join AM Brewster from Truth.Love.Parent and Mark Massey as they discuss what you can do during the crisis moments of your children's lives and how Victory Academy for Boys might help.

Not ready for a meeting just yet?

That’s okay. One of the most important things for us at Victory Academy is equipping you right where you are, whether or not your son eventually enrolls with us. Praise God if your relationships are restored and your influence re-established without sending your son away! Here are a few resources for you to consider reaching out for:

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We have compiled a small 14-day devotional made up of Bible verses that we feel will be of specific help to parents of struggling teens. We have added some notes of explanation and advice that we hope you’ll also find helpful, as well as some reflection questions.

Start today!

We know and care about the battles you face, as well as the discouragement, frustration, and sense of hopelessness you feel. If you feel we can be of help to you and your family, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at Victory Academy for Boys.

Find a certified Biblical Counselor close to home

God’s Word has the answers you seek. Victory is affiliated with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors, made up of thousands of a rigorously trained men and women who stand ready to speak truth into your specific situation.

Learn more about Victory Academy for Boys

Victory is safely nestled on 120 beautiful acres in the north woods of Wisconsin. Not only is it rustic and inviting, but it’s also a safe haven from the spiritual attacks teen boys are experiencing from today’s culture, their hurtful relationships, and accessible sin. Our location also gives us great opportunities to teach boys about God’s creation, hard work, and Christ-honoring fun.